Summer News Letter 2020


Summer Newsletter

First, I would like to thank all the volunteers.  I cannot name you all, but your efforts are greatly appreciated.  You are helping to maintain a sense of community that is missing from a lot of places in these strange times.

Boat Launch:

Last fall the damaged boat launch sections were removed and replaced with additional concrete sections. Further work is required to make the south side of the launch safe for launching anything larger than a PWC. Residents should use only the north side of the launch until the addition of approved materials makes the south side safe for use. Until that time the Hamlet has been advised to place the “Boat Launch Closed” sign at the launch. The Hamlet has no liability concerns if the Boat Launch Closed sign stays up.


Garbage cost continues to rise significantly and as we have all seen the weekly heaping mounds at our garbage collection location.  It is anticipated that we will exceed our 2020 Budget significantly.  As the number of cabin locations at South Bay has not increased significantly since 2013 it may be that non-South Bay residents are taking advantage of our location and disposing their garbage here.  In order to curb these rising costs possible options are being considered.  First, we are looking into building a fence around the current location secured with a combination lock.  South Bay residents would be supplied with the combination in order to access the bins.  Additionally, garbage pick-up is being considered as in other communities around the lake.  Pickups would be twice a week in the summer and twice a month in the winter.

The Board is looking for and welcomes your feed back on this item.

I would like to thank Margret and Darcy Dewar for stepping up and doing Garbage Area service as well as the extra cleaning of the bathrooms required by the RM.


Recently work was completed on the bridge. The RM has received a petition that the bridge should be open to all traffic. The petition was not limited to South Bay residents and contained a significant number of signatures from non-South Bay individuals.
As a Board, we feel we need to respect the wishes of South Bay residents and taxpayers first. It was for this reason a remote-control gate was installed granting vehicle access across the bridge to South Bay residents who wished it. Pedestrians, cyclists, golf cart owners etc. do not require an FOB to cross – spacing has been provided for easy passage.
Emergency Services (Westmed & Turtleford & RM of Mervin Fire Department) have been supplied with the access code. Residents can obtain bridge access FOBs from Board Members. We ask that you keep this in confidence to maintain the community security the gate provides.
Bridge access will be further address at the AGM in the Spring of 2021.

Potential Development between the Hamlets of South Bay and Kopps Cove:

Recently the RM of Mervin denied the Proposed Development between South Bay and Kopps Cove. It now appears that the property landowners have asked to be annexed into the RM of Parkdale in a new attempt to attain Development approval. The RM of Mervin has stated they are against the annexation of land to the RM of Parkdale and has asked for support to prevent this from happening.

We ask all South Bay residents to write a notice of objection to the RM of Parkdale Administrator for:
1) Objection to the annexation of the indicated lands into the RM of Parkland
2) Objection to development in the indicated lands.
Residents of South Bay rallied previously to object to this development – we ask your support to do it again. Given the speed of regular mail of late we would also ask – wherever possible – that these letters be dropped off in person at the RM of Parkdale Office in Glaslyn.

Address your objections to:
RM of Parkdale No. 498
PO. Box 310
Glaslyn, SK
S0M 0Y0

Send Objections prior to Sept. 24, 2020. As well if possible attend the public meeting to be held at the Glaslyn Community Hall Sept. 19, 2020 between 10:00am – 1:00pm.
To view the Developers Proposed Plan please view Parkdale website

Ongoing Activities:

Fall 2020:

  • Garbage Fence/Pick-up
  • Sump install (on going high water) discussions

Future items:

  • Park Shelter
  • Upgrade Park Fence
  • Pickleball courts